7 Things to Remember when Hiring a Wedding Photographer

Unless you’ve hired a wedding planner, which can be an expensive affair, preparing for your big day can turn into a full time job that is full of roadblocks.

And in the middle of all the confusion, you just have to make sure that you hire the right vendors who you can trust to deliver your perfect dream wedding.

This is only necessary if you’re not hiring a wedding planner like BigDayPlanners to take care of this.


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When it comes to hiring a wedding photographer, this checklist of top 7 things that you need to make sure your photographer offers that proves that they’re a reliable team of service providers.

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1. There is a team

While you might have your favourite photographer whose taste matches yours and you can’t wait to hire him.

We’d recommend you to hire a backup studio just in case of a catastrophe.

See, the problem with individual photographers is that just in case something unfortunate happens to the photographer (family emergency, sickness, etc), you just might not have a wedding photographer for your wedding and that is a serious problem.

When you work with studios that have teams of professional photographers, you do not have to worry about that because you’re not relying on a single person for your complete wedding photography.

2. Budget friendly

While most premium photographers are fairly over priced for the quality of work they provide. With a little bit of research you can easily find wedding studios that has photographers who matches your taste and can deliver artistic photographs without the hefty premium.

3. Does not Shoot and Burn

This case is rare with premium photographers but even when it comes to Traditional wedding photographers, you need to expect more than just a dump of all your wedding photographs.

If you’re hiring a studio to cover your wedding then it is their job to sort just the best images, retouch them to perfection while maintaining the natural feel and delivering them in various formats and sizes so that you can use them for different purposes.

Talk to your vendor before you sign them up for your wedding.

4. Is available locally

Communication gap can create big problems and misunderstandings and the best way to cover that gap is to stay in direct contact with your vendor frequently.

So make sure that your photographer is available locally so that you can set up coffee meetups and discuss the concepts and flow of your wedding for best results.

5. Offers a dedicated project manager

While working with teams, make sure that the studio you hire is professional enough to offer you a dedicated project manager.

This way you’ll know exactly who to talk to when things go wrong or not as planned and having a dedicated project manager is always a good idea when there are multiple components to a job.

6. State of the Art Equipments

Another thing that you need to be on top of is that your photographer uses only the latest equipments like camera body and lenses to shoot weddings.

This shows how committed the photographer or the studio is to their customers.

7. Track record

Make sure your photographer has plenty of weddings and testimonials from older clients to back their work.

A photographer’s portfolio is like a live demo for you.

You need to make sure that they can offer their worth in money and that you will get only the best quality of work.

So, these are the first7 things that you need to make sure you’re getting while hiring a photographer for your wedding.